Cyber security and automation

september, 2021

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Autonomy and connected vehicles are part of the future mobility that arrives faster than we sometimes think and probably would like. We use AI, Machine Learning, cloud technologies, edge, and intelligent robotics to foster mobility innovation.


In the growing age of digitalisation, the risk is high on the agenda. However, risk has received a new dimension that we didn’t acknowledge before when vehicles are connected and integrated with various devices – cyber attacks.

Not only can the vehicle be attacked to steal information, harm the vehicle, or run off with the vehicle, but a new breed of attacks is also arising. There are security risks to roadside equipment and sensors, electricity infrastructure, traffic controls, and financial networks,

Understanding and leveraging cyber security holds great potential to improve our society further and enhance the efficiency of both the public and private sectors when it comes to automation.

We will hear from experts within the domain from Gateway Digital: Mr. Harish Shukla and Mr Alf Lande and also Mr. Torstein Mauseth from Netsecurity. They will speak about challenges and threats, about technology, culture and procedural changes, but also about possibilities.

Welcome to the cybersecurity webinar.


  • Welcome by Jenny Simonsen, ITS Norway
  • Alf Lande, CEO Gateway Digital AS Norway
  • Harish Shukla, Practice Head, Cyber Security, Gateway Group
    Orchestrating your Cyber Defense
  • Torstein Mauseth, Pentester & Incident Responder, Netsecurity
  • Discussion
  • Conclusions and wrapping up, Jenny Simonsen, ITS Norway

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(Fredag) 10:00 - 11:00



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